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“Trish is pleasant and energetic. In my experience, Trish captured the understanding of level of leadership coaching I was looking for. Certainly I would recommend Trish for Leadership Caching sessions for hospital staff specially staff in managerial roles in clinical and non-clinical areas.” Dr S Sharma, Consultant Physician, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn, August 2021  

“Trish made me think about the thought processes I go through and the relationships I have with different people – her approach was challenging but kind and impacted upon my work and wellbeing positively.  I feel more confident I know what I am doing, my sense of wellbeing at work has improved, personal and team productivity has increased and internal and external relationships have improved.”  Rachel Thorne, Headteacher, St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, West Sussex, June 2021.


“I wanted to achieve real clarity about how the role of an Exec Head is different to leading one school. Based on experiences I’ve seen/hear about I wanted to check out with my Coach how I can be effective. Both in a support and challenge role, whilst maintaining positive working relationships that benefit all stakeholders.

The biggest help was that I felt I could be totally honest without being judged. This experience allowed me to really think deeply, explore options and very quickly get the clarity that I needed. Although there were gaps between sessions my Coach was great at making the links between what had previously been discussed and what I was currently exploring/discussing.  I also have a note book full of thoughts and options/strategies to refer back to.

It has been extremely positive and very beneficial.  It has helped me really think about how I want to ‘behave’ as I move forward in my career. The coaching sessions also made me realise that I have the potential to explore other options in terms of my career too.  I know more now, I feel more confident that I know what I am doing and I can do a better job.  It’s also improved personal and team productivity and improved external relationships.”  Zoe Beach, Headteacher, Northwood Primary School, July 2019.

“The quality of Trish as coach was instrumental in helping me to get a positive benefit from the sessions. She helped me to focus on the ‘big picture’ and talk about my way of working and career goals in a way I would not normally do. The outcome has been very positive, took me out of my ‘comfort zone’ and enabled me to be more reflective, particularly about my own motivations. It encouraged me to see where my actions and short-term plans fitted into my wider long-term goals. I feel more confident that I know what I’m doing, how I see certain things has changed and I have a clearer picture of the things I want and need to achieve in my role.  I have found it a very helpful experience and am encouraged to continue.”  Name supplied, Executive Headteacher, March 2019.

“Trish listened so attentively that I was able to just say what I was thinking without feeling judged.  I was able to explore feelings, thoughts and emotions in a really safe environment.  Trust is so important to me and I was able to trust implicitly in my sessions.  I absolutely loved the experience of changing chairs and visualising my future.  it gave me clarity and enabled me to set goals for my future.  As a result, I know more, I can do a better job, I feel more confident that I know what I’m doing, my sense of wellbeing and engagement at work has improved.  Also, how I see certain things has changed, I am in a different place and I feel completely different now.  My output as increased, and internal and external relationships have improved.

Trish – thank you for being so attentive and demonstrating to me what a coach can help me to achieve,  You were able to help me articulate what I actually want to do through the power of effective listening and giving me time to think.  I can’t put a monetary value on what you have given me, just my eternal gratitude to you for being a great coach.”  Maria Richardson, Named Nurse and Head of Safeguarding, Norfolk Community Health and Care, March 2019.

“Working with Trish has been fantastic, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to accelerate their own development and understand what is holding them back. She is personable but challenging, insightful and highly emotionally intelligent, and knows good coaching inside-out.”

I have been able to process and reflect on some of the challenges I have faced with my team in the last 18 months in a way that built rather than undermined my confidence. There has been a cathartic element of this, allowing me to put things behind me, feel less frustrated and more secure in my role as a team manager and leader. I have a good body of notes to return to as needed as I know it sometimes take a long time for some changes to sink in and I have to re-visit them. There are things that are holding me back in my line management and team leadership and while they are not solved yet I know a) what the issue is and b) where is stems from – and so I know what underlying beliefs and behaviours I need to address.”  Geoff Stevenson, Area Director, Ambition School Leadership, January 2019


“I would highly recommend Trish to anyone needing support or coaching, for me it was life changing and I will be forever grateful to her for her insight and support.”

“The impartiality of the coach really worked, enabled me to be frank and open, and her reaction to me explaining about events at work was insightful and enabled me to gain some clarity about the situation I was facing. The coach was also incredibly pragmatic and dynamic and this energy helped me create a practical plan to resolve the issues. She had expectations about me meeting these plans and this encouraged me to act on them. The coaching was supportive but challenged my views, which is precisely what I needed.  The coaching was empowering. The coaching gave me the strength, courage and confidence to resolve my situation. I saw my future much more clearly and I was able to comprehensively work through the process and steps I would need to take, in an environment which was totally impartial, professional, human, empathetic, patient and supportive.  I would certainly not have the positive mindset I have today about my future, without Trish’s coaching.”  Mary Doggett, Head of Service, Norfolk Community Health and Care, November 2018

“Trish helped me recognise traits that may be holding me back.  I was able to assess my current performance and set goals for improvement.  It was quite a revealing process and I have seen a change in myself.  I feel more decisive and assertive towards my colleagues.  I also feel a passion and belief in myself that I have a key role to play in contributing to the success of the company and can envisage how my team structure will evolve.  I know more, I can do a better job, I feel more confident that I know what I am doing and I feel more engaged at work, with my sense of wellbeing at work improved.  In terms of return on investment, I have increased personal and team productivity and improved internal relations as a result of the coaching.” Head of Marketing and Communications, National company (prefers to be anonymous)

“I enjoyed the time to be able to reflect and understand myself better, away from the work environment.  I found it replay helpful to have someone who was able to ‘hold a mirror up. to me and to help me recognise that I was ‘ok’.  Trish was very easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable opening up to her and working with her has greatly improved my confidence.  It’s been really useful in helping me focus on who I am and what I want to achieve.  It has left me empowered to do the thinks I have been reluctant or under confident to do in the past.  How I see things has changed, I am in a difference place.  In terms of return on investment, my personal and team productivity has increased and I have improved internal relationships.”  Lisa Edwards, Assistant Director, Norfolk Community Health & Care


“Having met Trish at a networking event it was clear to see that she was passionate about her career and company. We then had the opportunity to provide coaching for members of our senior management and I didn’t hesitate in contacting Trish.  Trish has excelled in her commitments to MLM, she has always communicated and arranged the coaching meetings to a high standard, with no cancellations, and always kept me in the loop.  The feedback has been very well received and positive from all involved.” Katie Smith, HR Training Coordinator, MLM Group


“I felt listened to and respected and that my thoughts/feelings/behaviours were valid. Trish was able to point out some common themes or patterns from what I told her which helped me see things with a fresh perspective. By the end of the session we had some clear goals to work towards over the coming sessions and had reached a decision about an immediate next step.” NHS Leader, Health Education England.


“My employer suggested (coaching) form part of a training programme I was undertaking. The principal aim was to make me feel ‘ready’ to be a director.  I came away from most of the coaching sessions feeling very positive, with a clearer view of what I needed to do to help me change my mindset. The outcome was successful – the principal goal was met.  I know more now, I can do a better job and my sense of well-being at work has improved.  Productivity has increased and internal relationships have improved.  Return on investment from six coaching sessions – £10,000 per annum.”   Joe Palmer, Director


“Trish helped me to understand some of the background to the ways of thinking that I had developed and helped me to look at some things in new ways. During and after each coaching session I felt very energised and positive, and felt that each session had been worthwhile.  I know more, I can do a better job, my sense of wellbeing at work has improved, with increased personal and team productivity and improved internal relationships.  700% financial return on the investment in six coaching sessions.”  MD of a national company.

Coaching supervision

“The session was my first supervision session and it exceeded my expectations. I left having felt confident in how to improve my practice going forward and have discussed what had been worrying me. Just from the first session I have been able to identify the importance and benefits of maintaining regular supervision.” East of England Local Government Association


“I found the sessions throughly helpful in terms of my personal, and therefore my professional development.  Your ability to flex your approach to fit my needs/preference, to help me make connections between what I am experiencing and relevant theory or thinking, in describing or using a variety of tools (eg anchoring, metaphors), your gentle but solid challenge, and the space you create for thinking all make for a rich, supportive, developmental experience.  Thank you.” Name supplied.



Feedback from three clients at Director and Associate Director level in national companies, scoring me with ‘Excellent’ on the following master coach competences:

  • Demonstrates a high level of attentiveness and responsiveness to the client in the moment while holding responsibility for working towards outcomes.
  • Supports clients effectively with their increasingly complex range of needs.
  • Enables significant and fundamental shifts in thinking and behaviour.
  • Adapts approach and technique in the moment in response to client information, while also holding a focus on outcomes


“I feel more confident in myself and able to make decisions that can improve both my business and my personal life.  I can do a better job, I feel more confident that I know what I am doing.  How I see certain things has changed and my life has changed as a result.”  Sole trader business owner


“Trish was an active listener and would reflect back what I was saying. She would summarise an experience which helped me to reflect on it some more. Trish was very good at using analogies which was extremely helpful for me in trying to unpick how I felt about a certain issue. Trish used different creative mediums in the coaching sessions which was particularly helpful for me as I prefer to work in this way to explore problems. Trish also challenged me but checked that I was okay being challenged, or would ask if I wanted to be challenged further. This made me feel safe and as if I had some control on the pace or depth of the work. I was surprised to be exploring some of my own background – I had felt prior to the coaching that this may be beneficial but hadn’t thought it would happen. It created a real shift in how I viewed myself which is what then made the following sessions and outcomes so successful. I liked the fact that we did this exploratory work in the first week but didn’t then dwell and reflect on it in further weeks which fitted my needs.” “Thank you for the last four sessions. They really have helped me to create a change.”  NHS Leader.

“The way the sessions worked was very powerful and opened some doors in my brain I had kept closed.”

“A safe and creative space was created through Trish’s exemplary coaching..”

“How would I describe the outcome from the coaching?  Revelatory.  Freeing.  Inspiring.  Confidence-building.  Giving hope.  Positive.  I feel completely different now and how I see things has changed.”

“I can’t tell you how hard I worked between sessions, but the investment of time has been an amazing gift.”

“I was amazed by how well the session went and the insight shown by the coach, and her ability to use excellent tools to diagnose issues.”


More testimonials

“The coaching I have received over the past few months has been immensely powerful. Trish has a deep understanding and knowledge of her subject. In the space of a few sessions I was given a range of tools and developed a self awareness that has improved not only my communications, but all areas of my work and in my personal life. The tools that Trish enabled me to develop will be available to me at all times due to the ’embedding’ that took place in our sessions. I did not feel once that the coaching was generic, I always felt it was specific to me – Trish set goals and made me feel enthusiastic about realising those goals. Trish stopped and made sure where we were heading. I always felt safe in the session and that feeling was immediate on meeting Trish.”  Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

April, 2013.  Julie Irving, Manager, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

“I was delighted with the outcome of a group supervision experience with Trish. Knowing immediately I was in the hands of an extremely competent, confident, experienced professional, she managed time and contribution with expertise. Trish held a safe space enabling both exploration and creativity and I had a significant “aha” moment with an issue I’ve been grappling with for months. She listens attentively to what is said (and not said) and I certainly recommend her for coaching supervision.  Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.

 September 2012.  Clare Myatt, Master Somatic Coach.

“Trish is an intuitive communicator and a first class coach and coaching supervisor. As my coaching supervisor she offers and delivers a focussed, dynamic and challenging experience in supervision and her primary skill is helping me get to the core of what needs to be explored. I recommend her without reservation. Top qualities: great results, high integrity, creative.”

April, 2012.  Dawn Rees, Managing Director, Consultancy Company

“Trish is a very professional group supervisor: she combines strength of purpose with sensitivity, giving a supportive environment with effective challenge. Her supervision is highly insightful.”

 February  2012.  JR, Senior Manager, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

“I had four coaching sessions with Dr Trish Turner, spanning a four month period when I needed to re-consider some critical aspects of my career and bring about what I felt was the beginnings of a personal transformation process. Each session was extremely powerful, I had a great deal to consider and a determination to succeed that I felt put a lot of pressure on my coach. To say I am/was satisfied with the outcome would be an understatement, I am writing this a few months later and the learning still lives with me like it was yesterday.

There were a number of significant moments that I recall; the most memorable one was a discussion about how I prepare mentally for significant events and occasions. I had to stop and reflect, couldn’t help smiling, like someone had just read back an account of me relating an emotion I had never shared. A lasting legacy is that I now feel I have learned to coach myself in action, to recall discussions and ‘light bulb’ moments, it’s an invigorating and empowering feeling. I owe a debt of gratitude to Trish for her skill, expertise, commitment and, above all, patience.”

November 2012.  Jonathan Williams, Director of Quality and Assurance, East Coast Community Healthcare

“An excellent coach, whom I highly recommend. Dedicated to their field and the individual they are working with. Offers clear guidance, instruction and confidentiality. Helps you set objective(s) and goal(s) and allows you the time and opportunity to work through, ensures you are on track.”

December 2011.   CD, Manager – Health & Social Care, NHS Norfolk

From an independent 360 degree feedback report of my coaching from a range of my clients in the NHS and private sector:

“The coaching provided by Trish Turner has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I was initially very skeptical of coaching and what it was supposed to achieve. Coaching has proven to support all aspects of my life. One of the biggest areas is my job. If I am happy and content at work the rest of my life takes care of itself.”

“Coaching has improved my happiness, satisfaction and effectiveness at work. I believe coaching has helped me manage problems, issues, people, the system and time management by taking time to understand all of these things on a reduced scale, making things more manageable before they become a bigger problem.”

“I understand and work well when ‘things’ are broken down into a process and I feel that Trish identified what worked for me and delivered the coaching in a specific manner to suit me. I have also had multiple ‘light bulb’ moments in my coaching sessions when issues and contributing factors suddenly become clear and that would only come about through the line of questioning Trish provides.”

“My experience of being coached has inspired me to undertake formal coaching training as I believe this will help my leadership and communication skills. I do believe that coaching has helped me become more efficient and effective at work, I would very much like to be able to demonstrate this financially to demonstrate the benefits of being coached,”

“I found the Coach’s ability to help me find solutions to issues extremely useful and felt very supported by this. I appreciated very much being helped to draw my own conclusions, even if they were conclusions which I wasn’t always comfortable with – which is why I would not have reached them on my own.”

“Very useful to attend and makes you think a lot about your reactions to situations and how you can improve on this. Overall I think it has made a huge difference and I would encourage everyone to attend this. Trish has been very helpful and is good at establishing a rapport and helping you develop and improve on things.”

“It has been a hugely enriching and valuable experience.”


Training and group supervision testimonials 2014-15

  • “Very informative with good balance of theory and practice.”
  • “Excellent format. Very enjoyable and useful day.”
  • “Good flow and exploration.”
  • “Thank you. Extremely valuable. Looking forward to the next session. Very positively affirming.”
  • “Informative and enjoyable. Thank you.”
  • “Thoroughly insightful and empowering.”
  • “Thank you, Trish, as always delivered professionally”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable sessions; I have appreciated Trish’s flexibility, creativity and encouragement.”
  • “Excellent materials – very useful resource.”
  • “Excellent – able to respond to the delegates’ questions and needs.”
  • “Excellent! I learnt so much about the coaching process and my parallel understanding and practice in relation to this learning. Thanks, Trish!”
  • “Definitely a very worthwhile experience.”
  • “Awesome info here, thanks!”
  • “Encouraging and enabling trainer.”
  • “Great day – really energising.”
  • “Trish’s feedback very perceptive and powerful, which has been helpful to observe and gain tips to put into practice.”


Clinical supervision feedback from Tutor

  • “You are very clear about your role, tasks, function as well as your responsibilities as a clinical supervisor.”
  • “Your awareness of boundaries and safe and good practice is great.”
  • “Your interventions are thoughtful, facilitative.”
  • “Clearly supportive and encouraging.”
  • “Constructive and yet congruent and honest.”

Simin Partovi, Senior accredited and registered MBACP, MA (Counselling & Supervision), January 2015