Here you will find resources and links that will help you with your journey from Therapist to Coach. If you have any feedback about the resources listed here, or would like to recommend any new links, books or research journals, please do let me know. If you have any trouble accessing the links on this page, please call me on 07729 332 174 or email

Reading list for Senior Practitioner in Coaching

Core texts

Passmore, J. (2014) Mastery in Coaching A Complete Psychological Toolkit for Advanced Coaching. London. Kogan Page.

Peltier, B. (2010) The psychology of executive coaching: Theory and application. New York, East Sussex: Routledge.

Vaughan Smith, J. (2007) Therapist into Coach. Maidenhead: Open University Press McGraw Hill Education.

Whitmore, J. (2009) Coaching for Performance. 4th Ed. London and Boston: Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

Recommended texts

Brown, P. & Brown, V. Neuropsychology for Coaches: Understanding the basics. New York: Open University Press.

Chaskalson, M. (2011) The Mindful Workplace. West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Clutterbuck, D. & Megginson, D. (2009) Further techniques for coaching and mentoring. Oxford:Butterworth-Heinemann

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Cox, E, Bachkirova, T, Clutterbuck, D (2014). The complete handbook of coaching (2nd Ed.). London: Sage

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Egan, G. (2010) The Skilled Helper. USA: Books/Cole

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Iveson, C. George, E. Ratner, H. (2012) Brief Coaching: A Solution Focused Approach (Essential Coaching Skills and Knowledge)

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Rogers, J. (2012). Coaching Skills. 3rd Ed. Berkshire and New York: Open University Press McGraw-Hill Education.

Rogers, J. (2006) Developing a Coaching Business. Maidenhead: Open University Press McGraw Hill Education.

Starr, J. (2017). Brilliant Coaching. Harlow: Pearson

Download EMCC Global Code of Ethics

Presentations used on the programme

Download presentation from day 1 (pdf): Presentation Day 1 (workshop 1) PDF

Download presentation from day 2 (pdf): Presentation Day 2 (workshop 1) PDF

Download presentation from day 3 (pdf): Presentation Day 3 (workshop1) PDF

Download presentation from day 4 (pdf): Available after workshop

Download presentation from day 5 (pdf): Available after workshop

Download presentation from day 6 (pdf): Available after workshop

Download presentation from day 7 (pdf): Available after workshop

Download presentation from day 8a (pdf): Available after workshop with Day 8a – handout

Trish’s videos

The following links take you to YouTube – please do not share these links, they are solely for your use whilst training with me:

Workshop 1

Day 1: An introduction to the Reflective Practice Portfolio

Day 2: An introduction to the (T)GROW model of coaching

Day 2: Coaching demonstration (one hour long)

Day 3: Contracting for coaching

Day 3: Getting started – finding coachees

Workshop 2

Day 4: Wheel of life

Day 4: Core Qualities Quadrant

Day 4: Coaching demonstration – Core Qualities Quadrant (one hour long)

Coming soon


Workshop 3

Day 6: Coaching demonstration – tree-way contracting (one-hour long)

Coming soon


An interview with Julia Vaughan Smith

A participant’s experience of the Therapist to Coach programme (Rosie)


Listen to Clare Myatt’s ‘Breathe, Ground, Centre’ audio file:


Other links

Download exercise: EMCC competence and capability in coaching exercise

Download example biography flyer: Dr Trish Turner – Executive Coach profile 2020

Link to Marshall Goldsmith’s video series: Coaching for Behavioural Change

Download article: BACP guidance for ethical decision making

EMCC’s template coachee feedback forms: EMCC – coaching feedback form


Handout 4 Workshop 2 – Wheel of life


Examples of contract from Trish

Handout 3a – workshop 1 – Sample 3-way Coaching Contract

Handout 3b – workshop 1 – Sample contract one-to-one

Useful links

Free online resources: Businessballs

Link to TGROW demonstration video

Interesting articles

Click here to access journal articles, e-books and more.