Contained in this section are all the documents you need to complete your portfolio and for your coaching sessions with your nominated coachees. If you have any problems accessing these forms, please call Trish on 07729 332 174 or alternatively email

Four forms for each coaching session

Meeting report form (form 1)
Self-evaluation form (form 2)
Coachee Feedback Form (form 3)
Feedback and Practice Reflection Form (form 4)

Other forms, templates and logs

In alphabetical order:

Candidate declaration
Case study template
Coachee consent form
Coachee learning outcomes questionnaire
Coach supervision Log
Feedback and practice reflection form – outcomes
Log of coaching Hours
Log of reading
Overall summary practice reflection Form
Personal development plan
Personal objectives for the programme
Programme delivery days – reflective journal
Reflective assignment – competence
Reflective practice portfolio checklist
Supervision reflection and review Form
Theory assignment – critical analysis
Workshop preparation and review form

Download the whole portfolio for September 2020 cohort only

Reflective Practice Portfolio – word version (September 2020 cohort only)

Reflective Practice Portfolio – PDF version (September 2020 cohort only)


Below is the self-assessment spreadsheet to help you map where you have evidenced the various CIs in your portfolio.  This is purely for your own use, though you can submit it with your portfolio if you like.

Reflective Practice Portfolio Self-assessment sheet (September 2020 cohort only)

Below is the assessment sheet template used by the two assessors and the quality assurance person to assess your portfolios.  It is for your information only, and only to be completed by the assessors involved in marking your portfolios.

Therapist to Coach Portfolio Assessment Sheet


Other useful documents

EMCC Competency Framework – Senior Practitioner level

Link to EMCC Competency Framework for Foundation, Practitioner, Senior Practitioner and Master

Download EMCC Global Code of Ethics



T2C Reflective assignment example 1

T2C Theory assignment example 1

T2C case study – example 1

T2C case study – example 2



Two free one-hour coaching supervision sessions are included in the Senior Practitioner in Coaching programme. This is delivered by experienced and qualified master coach and coach supervisor, Katherine Long. Please contact Katherine directly to book your sessions and do not forget to log them. Please note that you are required to have two hours of coaching supervision in order to fulfil the requirements of the programme.

Katherine’s biography and contact details:

Link to Katherine’s biography


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