Are you a leader who wants to makes a positive difference?  

Then I’d love to work with you.  Working from the inside out, focusing on what matters to you, so you can bring out the best in yourself and others.

I coach chief executives, directors and senior leaders in education, health services, the public and private sector – all industries and businesses where there are people and a sense of purpose.

  • New career, new job or more responsibilities?
  • Changes at work to manage or implement?
  • Want to improve your performance, leadership skills or manage conflicts at work?
  • Feel there are never enough hours in the day to achieve what you want?
  • Lack focus in your life, career or business?

This is where coaching can help you.

Coaching is a collaborative process. Thought provoking, confidential, creative and with a psychological depth, so you can bring your whole self:

  • Space to talk and feel
  • Insight and clarity
  • Challenge and support
  • Tools, actions and outcomes
  • Systems perspective
  • Return on investment

I am a master accredited Executive Coach with over 15 years’ and 5,000 hours of practice. I’ve had 25 years in the corporate sector, the last 10 at board level. I have degrees in both leadership and management, and therapeutic counselling.

Shall we have a no-pressure chat to see if I’m the right coach for you? Book in my diary for a free 30 minute conversation with me to see if I’m the right coach for you.

“I would highly recommend Trish to anyone needing support or coaching, for me it was life changing and I will be forever grateful to her for her insight and support.”

“Working with Trish has been fantastic, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to accelerate their own development and understand what is holding them back. She is personable but challenging, insightful and highly emotionally intelligent, and knows good coaching inside-out.”


Whatever sort of coaching you are looking for – business coaching, performance coaching, achieving work-life balance, career coaching etc – having a good coach is fundamental to the development and success of an individual and an organisation.   Most successful people and businesses have a coach or mentor to support them achieve their goals and to guide, motivate and encourage their aspirations.

Through my coaching I support and develop individuals to achieve their goals and realise their potential, resulting in optimal performance and improvement at work and in their personal lives. A coaching package usually lasts between six to eight sessions and focuses on specific skills and goals. Further sessions can then be arranged, if necessary.








What do you talk about in Coaching?(PDF)

Are you a leader who wants to make a positive difference? (PDF)

I firmly believe in the ability of the client to reach their potential. I don’t need to be an expert in the subject area, but instead I am skilled in the process of coaching, using primarily a non-directive approach within a structured conversation. I believe that:

  1. You are resourceful – you have the resources to resolve your issues
  2. You set the agenda – the agenda starts with you
  3. You and I are equals – we work together in a partnership of equals
  4. Coaching is about change – you come to coaching because you want something to change.

I provide one-to-one support to individuals and to staff in the public, private and third sector. I adhere to the EMCC ethical framework.

I am a European Mentoring and Coaching Council Global (EMCC) accredited Master Coach.


Coaching sessions can take place face-to-face in my comfortable and confidential space in King’s Lynn, via telephone, or online using zoom, Skype or Teams.  Alternatively we can meet at your workplace or a mutually convenient meeting point.  Or even a mixture of the above, to suit you.


I offer a free telephone conversation – ‘discovery call’ in the first instance so you can decide if you think we will be a good fit. Book here (gives you access to my calendar) to book a day and time convenient for you.

If you decide you want to go ahead you can try out one session and see how you feel before booking more, or you can book a package of sessions up front.

Please click on ‘Fees’ on the menu for up to date information of costs.

For organisations, please contact me to discuss terms, as there are economies of scale for coaching several staff members in one business.

Sessions usually last two hours, but can also be tailored to your needs.

What next?

Book in a discovery call now to discuss how I can help you, with no pressure or obligation.

Download my profile that tells you a bit more about me: Dr Trish Turner – Executive Coach profile.


“Trish made me think about the thought processes I go through and the relationships I have with different people – her approach was challenging but kind and impacted upon my work and wellbeing positively.  I feel more confident I know what I am doing, my sense of wellbeing at work has improved, personal and team productivity has increased and internal and external relationships have improved.”

“I know more now, I feel more confident that I know what I am doing and I can do a better job.  It’s also improved personal and team productivity and improved external relationships.”

“The outcome has been very positive, took me out of my ‘comfort zone’ and enabled me to be more reflective, particularly about my own motivations. It encouraged me to see where my actions and short-term plans fitted into my wider long-term goals.”

“The way the sessions worked was very powerful and opened some doors in my brain I had kept closed.”

“A safe and creative space was created through Trish’s exemplary coaching..”

“How would I describe the outcome from the coaching? Revelatory. Freeing. Inspiring. Confidence-building. Giving hope. Positive. I feel completely different now and how I see things has changed.”

“I can’t tell you how hard I worked between sessions, but the investment of time has been an amazing gift.”

“I was amazed by how well the session went and the insight shown by the coach, and her ability to use excellent tools to diagnose issues.”

“There was a wholly satisfactory conclusion to the concerns I had been exploring. I know more about why I was feeling the way I did about work and home, I can do a better job and the way I react to family and to work has changed. I’m calmer with close family and less demanding”

You can read the full list of testimonials here.

Return on investment:

In a 180-degree feedback survey of my coaching practice, my clients agreed scores of 100% in my attributes such as respect, patience, ethics and the handling of emotional changes. I also scored 100% in managing the coaching contract and over 90% in building awareness, building the coaching relationship and helping my clients achieve their objectives.

Beating all the national averages, 96% agreed that my coaching made a difference and 84% believed my coaching directly resulted in business and organisational benefits.

For more information click on about me.

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